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Do you look for the best tourism destination for your vacation? If you do, it is actually so much recommended for you to visit Luang Prabang, Laos. This wonderful place will be able to offer you the fabulous nature, culture and food. Then, the luang prabang weather, which is so warm and sunny, will make you feel so comfortable every time you spend your spare time there. Aside of that, you can find so many great things you can do in the Luang Prabang. What are they? Let’s find out below.


luang prabang attractions and things to do

There are actually so many various attractions that you can enjoy when you spend your holiday in Luang Prabang, which one of them are a cooking class in Lao style. Well, this fun cooking class in Lao style will show you how a professional Lao chef does his best effort to create a super delicious traditional Laos Cuisine. In this case, it can be started when the chef invite you to accompany him to go to the local market there. You can actually explore the traditional market in the town in order to get some specific ingredients and also learn how to cook your favorite Laos cuisine. So then, you will be able to make your own tasty Laos cuisine that you like the most.

Furthermore, the other option of luang prabang things to do is a sacred ceremony of the monks. This ritual is about a ritual when the monks will receive their daily alms in the early morning. In this ceremony, you will see the monks listen to the alms seriously while they are sitting so quietly. By noticing this ritual, you will find that all of the process done by the monks can reflect numerous good things that you must need in order to live a great life. In other words, you will definitely feel the positive and humble nuances that can make you have the different experiences that you cannot find in any other places you visit.

In conclusion, there are all the great things that you can do when you are in Luang Prabang. All of them will make you have a great time in the town. Even, it can be more perfect if you stay at the comfy luang prabang hotels for several days. Thus, you will feel a notable hospitality from the people there as well.

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The Petronas Twin Towers has been one of the most iconic buildings of Malaysia that you have to visit. This particular skyscraper building will show you the modern and nice design that is inspired by the Islamic symbol called Rub el Hizb. The petronas twin towers location is actually in Kuala Lumpur city which is the capital city of Malaysia. It can be so easy to visit this building because it is so reachable from the city. So, you can make your vacation in Malaysia complete when visiting the towers.


The petronasThe twin towers facts

Well, in order to make you become more interested in Petronas Building, here are actually some facts about them that you better know, such as: The first thing of all that you have to know is the petronas twin towers best time to visit. It is actually so much recommended for you visit these twin towers in the summer time which are from December to February and May to August. That is the best time when you can enjoy the towers as well as possible. In addition, if you are lucky, you can also have the chance to enjoy some great events and festivals there.

Furthermore, the second fact is that the petronas twin towers entrance fee will be free when you can collect the ticket early. This particular offer will be valid for you when you can get your ticket during a specific period of time which is from 8.30 to 10.00 o’clock every single day but Monday on the Concourse level. Aside of the free entrance free, collecting ticket in the morning can make you have the chance to visit the sky bridge sooner based on the time stamps on your tickets. So then, you do not need to spend must time on waiting for your turn to be in the elevator.

Moreover, the other thing that you have to know is about.  petronas twin towers ticket. There will be charge for the ticket if you buy it after 10.00 o’clock. The ticket will be offered to you in various different categories and prices. The ticket for kids will be priced at RM 50, and the ticket for the adults will be available at RM 80. Then, the best thing about the ticket of the twin towers is that it can be bought in advance. So, you can book it by accessing the trustworthy website mainly when you want to visit the sky bridge.

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Thailand is a travel destination where you can find almost anything. If you want to meet people, taste food or learn about culture, you can go to Thailand floating markets. Think about the beaches or historical landmarks, Thailand is very accommodating for its beautiful beaches and national historical park. What else? There is also wildlife adventure for travelers who want to embrace the beauty of nature in different way by considering Khao Yai National Park tours where you can enjoy stunning scenery, wildlife watching through safari drives or you can pick hiking as a way to experience the National Park.


How To Get In Khao Yai National Park From Bangkok

Considering Khao Yai National Park tours, you have several ways to reach the place. Since, it is hard to spend the time in the National Park area when the weather is not supporting, make sure that you get yourself informed about the weather, as it is not great to explore the place in heavy rain unless you choose that way. Call tour operator sounds like the simplest way to get the National Park as they will prepare anything that you need. Fortunately, if you are visiting Khao Yai from Bankok, there is myriad of tour operators to ride you to the National Park.

Rent private minivan or taxi is another way to reach Khao Yai National Park. Or another way, you can pick public transportation such as bus,train, and also minivan. In addition, minivan is best option if you can’t wait to explore the things which is offered in Khao Yai National Park. When it comes to Khao Yai National Park tours, you can choose whether you want to wander around the National Park with scooter where you can experience your private wildlife watching or driving.

Where to stay? You have three options, if you expect to decrease the hassles anytime you pick Khao Yai National Park tours, then you can stay in the camping site, so in the next day you can continue your exploration with ease. Or you can book the bungalow if you want to. How about the hotel? You will many hotels that you can book based on your budget that is normally started from 37 US dollar. Bear in mind that the cost per night is fluctuating, therefore, it is important to get yourself updated. In addition, if you consider hotel to stay, then you have to book one outside the National Park.

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Have you heard about card credit for international travel? If you have not heard about it yet, the credit card is for you to use in across the world, no matter wherever you travel, you are able to pay anything you buy with this credit card without having cash money exchange. Surely, you need to know about the best credit card for international travel because there are some credit cards for international travel do not spread widely as the some do. So, you need to figure out the credit card for international travel that spread widely around the world and you can use it no matter where you are. By using the credit card, it will help you in paying your bill without having exchange the cash first. Many travelers prefer to use this kind of credit card to ensure that they should not bring a lot of money in their pocket.


In finding the best credit card for international travel, you need to know that some of the credit cards give you extra rates. As example, if you are going to pay while you are shopping in another country, you will get extra rates cause of it. Sometimes, many people did not realize about it, so you should be careful while taking the credit card. You should know every detail of rules and regulations using the card itself. You need to understand that this kind of rates will make you can get bigger liabilities than what you though. So, you should find out what kind of credit cards for international travel that will not make you get extra rates for currency transaction fees. The best credit card is the credit card with no extra rates of currency transaction fees.

Beside the rates, you also should care about the customer care that they provide for you. As example, if you are traveling across the world and suddenly your credit card for international travel is lost, you should call the customer care. Normally, the best credit card for international travel has a perfect service for you even if you are in aboard, but you can still reach your customer care and get the direction to log off your credit card and how the best solution is for you. You just have to know in every detail about the credit card, how to use it, the rates, advantages, and also customer care if suddenly your credit card is lost. It will define whether the credit card can be considered enough or not.


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Many if not too many have asked about cheapest way to get to Europe, a magnificent continent that offers much for both business and leisure. It may not be a problem if what you do is business travel. But, Europe has too much to be just a business destination. Yet, at the same time, travelling for leisure to Europe indeed takes cost. To get it as cheapest as possible, or to get it as expansive as possible is your choice. But, Europe does not have to be always related with something fancy and luxury. At the very simplest meaning, you do not have to break your bank to travel Europe. This is indeed a gorgeous land, yet you do not need to be afraid to plan a travel journey here.


Those experienced travellers say it; that you have every space to take a break or take some rest. You do not need to stay at a finest hotel to be able to enjoy the city. You do not have to spend weeks or months to come to know the people, the place and the atmosphere. All you have to do is flying. Yes, when you travel, means that you should go there. Once you are there in your travel destination, everything has reached it; you finally are there and you feel it. To get to a simple backpacker version of travelling must not be a problem, and you do not mind to spend night at some of the city point. It is the flight ticket you should really put on concern, because without a ticket, your journey would always be just a dream. And, that is it. The cheapest way to get to Europe starts from the flight. If you spend an affordable budget for the flight, you would have more for the journey.

The problem is, lists of option are not always the friendliest for everyone. All people may have the willingness, but once they see the price of the flight they may feel that they should forget it. In fact, a flight to Europe can have a reasonable price for everyone. As long as you find flight ticket provider that has many on the list for you to choose based on your preference, you will be good to go. With http://www.airpaz.com, start your own cheapest way to get to Europe soon or now for it is real and exist.

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Well, before you are going to travel or just go for a trip, the things that you should prepare first are the things that you want to carry with. Many of you do not care about it because they usually pack the things one day before to go. Well, it is not wrong if you know and remember exactly what the things are that you want to carry with. Many people are forgot about the small things that they should carry because they are packing for a trip in a hurry, so they miss them and you need to buy it if you really need it which means you should pay for another expense. To prevent such as situations like that, you should know about what will you carry with for your trip.


There are some things that you must do while packing for a trip before you go. It is okay if you pack them a night or a day before the day if you have followed these packing tips. First, you should list all the things you want to carry with start from the small things such as toiletries items that usually had forgotten; shoes, clothing, plastic for the dirty items and many things that you will use and need to carry in your trip. Second, you should have planned about the outfit that you want to wear in your trip. To ensure that you will not wear a wrong custom, you should find out the weather of the city that you are going to go. Is it rainy, dry or cold season? You need to know about it to prevent any kind of over packing in your bag.

Third, you can buy or if you have the containers for travel size, you can use it for placing the toiletries items. It also depends on how long your trip will be. You also should ensure that every toiletries item that you bring is complete. Fourth, you should be smart in packing the things for your trip. You should place the toiletries items in the place not in the main luggage. You also should place the heavy items in the bottom of your bag. You can pack your cloths with the technique of time-honored roll to make more free space in your luggage. If you want to bring the jewelry or something like that you can wrap it in the socks and tuck it into the shoes to make more free space for you. That is all a good packing for a trip that you can follow.